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Gain valuable insight into your online presence through our FREE Snapshot report. A Snapshot Report is an independent third-party report that searches the web, evaluates your online presence, rates performance, and identifies areas of growth. It is a digital online health report for your company that provides a view of how Google and other web browsers view your online presence. It will cover insights on online listings, reviews, social media, website, eCommerce, advertising and SEO. The Snapshot Report is valued at $397. You get it for FREE .

Why do we do it for free? We have a huge commitment to small business and Snapshot Reports is one way we help companies grow. When you request a FREE Snapshot report, you will receive the report along with a personalized video going over the report within a week.

To make the report more valuable to your business, you can schedule a personalized one-on-one virtual meeting with Rachel Boone who will dig into each category and help you utilize the accurate, independent data to draw a line between where you are now, where you want to go, and the action steps to get there. This service is usually $600. You can request a customized meeting for $347.

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