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Simplifying SEO for Smaller Businesses

Take control of your own SEO by following the tailored and easy-to-complete monthly actions. Or use our expert support if you just don’t have the time.

Simple and Easy to Follow SEO Strategy

Our technology enables anyone in your business to drive your website up the Google rankings. The monthly prioritized list of actions will tell you exactly what to do to climb the Google organic search results in whatever time you have available. The platform itself will help you – with step-by-step instructions – to create an SEO strategy for your website that will identify the best keyword and content opportunities, based on your industry, top competitors and the questions your customers are asking.

Once you’ve built the SEO strategy, you’ll then receive a free video review from one of our SEO team. In this video, we will run through the strategy you’ve created, providing feedback and priority next steps. With our range of fulfilment add-ons you can be sure that, even if you run out of time for SEO, we’ll be on-hand to make sure your website is climbing up the Google search results and reaching your target customers.

Our Job

  • Keyword research:
    • We’ll identify the very best keywords that your business needs to target. Looking at both the opportunity and achievability of relevant phrases, we’ll build out a keyword list that ensures you’ll reach your customers at the point when they’re ready to buy.
  • Website structure:
    • Finding keywords is only half the battle; knowing where to optimize them is just as important. We’ll build your keyword sitemap, identifying the most relevant pages to optimize each of the keywords discovered during the research phase.
  • Content roadmap:
    • We’ll develop a content roadmap for you, identifying the top longtail keywords and questions you need to target via high-quality blog content creation.
  • Competitor review:
    • We’ll review your top competitors in Google organic search, identifying any new keyword and backlink opportunities that we can build into your ongoing SEO strategy
  • Backlink acquisition strategy:
    • We’ll identify great backlink opportunities from your competitors; backlinks your competition have but you don’t! We’ll also set-up the ideal keywords to track within the Journalist Outreach feature for PR link building.
  • Google Business Profile review:
    • We’ll take a look at your GMB listing in the platform, identifying the top areas you need to focus on to improve your visibility within the Google Maps results.

Easily improve your websites SEO with our services and upskill the website team with our free SEO academy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Other SEO software are data-based solutions; they provide you with the data surrounding the SEO campaign. They also don’t help you build an SEO strategy, and you need prior expertise to do this. However, this is an instructive-based SEO tool; it helps you build a complete bespoke SEO strategy and it tells you exactly what to do, with easy-to-follow guidelines. It also tracks performance, so you can update your strategy as your SEO improves.

Yes! Our SEO tool works with any website. And there’s no installation needed, once you sign up it’s ready to go.

When you complete the onboarding steps within the platform, you’ll have the option to request a video review by a member of our SEO team. Within this video, the team member will record a video running through the strategy you’ve built. They’ll provide tips and feedback on the keywords you’ve chosen, the landing pages you’ve selected, the content roadmap you’ve built, and more. This video will be delivered within a maximum of 10 working days.

Yes, we have fulfilment packages where we will support with you with completing your SEO changes every month. Please see the add-ons sections.

The platform can support over 70 different languages and countries. All major languages and countries are supported. Please contact support to find out if you are unsure.

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