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Monthly SEO Management

Monthly Seo Work

Every month we’ll complete 2 hours of SEO work on your website based on the actions that the platform has generated (whether it’s onsite SEO work, content creation, local Google Business Profile optimization, and more). We can also use the time to support your team with training and other SEO help, such as strategy reviews, SEO troubleshooting, and more.

Sound SEO solutions

  • Affordable SEO solutions made specifically for small businesses who want to improve their Google rankings.
  • A do-it-yourself platform that guides you through what actions to take every month, tailored specifically for your website and industry.
  • Free SEO strategy review video from an SEO expert.
  • Don’t have time to do the SEO in-house? Our fulfillment add-ons (Done-With-You and Done-For-You) will support you every month with completing your SEO actions.
  • Up-skill your team members in SEO via the free SEO Academy. The courses cover every important area of SEO best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We need you to complete the required form which you’ll see once you select this add-on. It includes client information, website information (such as log-in details), and contact information.

Yes, absolutely! In the first month, after we reviewed your SEO strategy within the platform, we’ll provide you with a specific roadmap that details the work we’ll be carrying out over the following 6-12 months. On top of this, you will receive a monthly video report which will detail the work completed and upcoming work.

Yes, we’ll cover all the relevant aspects of SEO that will improve your performance. We can complete on-site, technical, content, and local SEO actions. Please note – although we can support you with improving your backlinks, we will not build any backlinks to your website with this add-on (due to the resource backlink building requires).What’s the difference between this and other SEO tools?

Other SEO software are data-based solutions; they provide you with the data surrounding the SEO campaign. They also don’t help you build an SEO strategy, and you need prior expertise to do this. However, this is an instructive-based SEO tool; it helps you build a complete bespoke SEO strategy and it tells you exactly what to do, with easy-to-follow guidelines. It also tracks performance, so you can update your strategy as your SEO improves.

Yes! Our SEO tool works with any website. And there’s no installation needed, once you sign up it’s ready to go.

When you complete the onboarding steps within the platform, you’ll have the option to request a video review by a member of our SEO team. Within this video, the team member will record a video running through the strategy you’ve built. They’ll provide tips and feedback on the keywords you’ve chosen, the landing pages you’ve selected, the content roadmap you’ve built, and more. This video will be delivered within a maximum of 10 working days.

Yes, we have fulfilment packages where we will support with you with completing your SEO changes every month. Please see the add-ons sections.

The platform can support over 70 different languages and countries. All major languages and countries are supported. Please contact support to find out if you are unsure.

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