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Simplify appointment and meeting scheduling across your business.

CalendarHero handles your complete scheduling  workflow — bookings, payments, reminders, and more — so customer-facing teams and business owners can focus on doing what they love. Give clients a professional scheduling experience and bring in more bookings in less time. Instead of playing phone tag or going back and forth in email, CalendarHero makes it easy for customers to self-book a time to meet from you or your team’s real-time availability. You can even display the availability of multiple team members at once.

Choose between a basic or a team plan

On the Basic plan, users are limited to schedule up to 5 meetings per month using CalendarHero web-based meeting scheduler and the personal scheduling link expires every two weeks (this does not affect the website embed). Users can upgrade to the Team plan to schedule unlimited meetings and to generate unlimited static scheduling links. 


  • Book 1:1, group, and remote meetings automatically, using your real-time availability and any of our scheduling methods, including our web scheduler and personal scheduling links.
  • Integrate Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and other leading video providers to add conferencing links to meetings automatically, so you don’t have to.
  • Let customers book and pay online. CalendarHero integrates with Stripe, so you can collect payments with your bookings and automate refunds for cancellations.
  • Create powerful templates to pre-set your meeting preferences like video conferencing, time buffers, and custom availability to speed up scheduling and personalize your workflow.
  • Reduce no-shows and keep appointments top of mind with automated reminders and notifications for your attendees.
  • Add scheduling technology to any web page without writing a single line of code. Instantly turn visitors into booked meetings and route them to the right team members.
  • Boost the productivity of your meetings by enabling invitee questions that help you pre-qualify leads before you meet.
  • Promote your brand at every touchpoint. Add a logo, profile photo, and personalized message to your invitee flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many ways! Tired of living in your inbox or wasting hours scheduling with clients and colleagues manually? CalendarHero intelligently syncs with all your calendars to let invitees self-book meetings or appointments using your real-time availability. This way, you and your invitees won’t have to go back and forth to set up a meeting — we call that a win-win. Next, you can embed CalendarHero on your website (no coding skills required) to capture leads the very moment they show interest. Instead of sending an email or filling out a form, CalendarHero’s scheduler embed makes it easy for you to book leads on the spot and route them to the right person. Plus, we have a host of features that help you do things like process payments, pre-qualify leads with invitee questions, serve clients remotely with video conferencing integrations, and create a dedicated scheduling page for your service offerings.

CalendarHero has several scheduling methods to match your business and meeting goals. Personal Scheduling Link: A public URL you can share with anyone to quickly self-book a meeting with you (e.g. This is a great option for scheduling meetings or appointments via email, SMS, or direct messages. The Meeting Scheduler: Our web-based scheduler is ideal when you already know who you want to meet with (e.g. clients or team members). After adding your invitees and meeting details, you can choose to send the invitations automatically or share a private invite link. The Group Class Scheduler: The group class web-scheduler is similar to the meeting scheduler, except it’s specifically built for scheduling group events like online trainings or webinars that require individual sign-up for a pre-selected date and time. Your attendees can sign up at their convenience (and pay, if needed) from a custom scheduling page. Email Add-on: If you love working inside of your inbox, you can add CalendarHero to Gmail or Outlook to access convenient shortcuts to our most popular scheduling features – including personal scheduling links, adding meeting times to emails, and people insights. Chat Assistant: The CalendarHero automated meeting assistant can be added to chat apps, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and SMS. Using natural language (e.g. “Schedule a call with Bob!”) you can ask your assistant to schedule, cancel, or reschedule meetings in chat.

There is no cap to how many calendars you can add to CalendarHero! When you create your account, connect your main work calendar plus any additional ones you’d like CalendarHero to use to schedule your meetings and appointments. CalendarHero syncs to your calendars so that your invitees only ever select a time to meet based on your real-time calendar availability. To help you manage several calendars simultaneously, you can also route specific bookings to different calendars in your meeting type settings.

Drive bookings and revenue from your website. Embed CalendarHero on any web page without having to write a single line of code. Display the CalendarHero embed in three unique ways: Inline: Promote one meeting type and display your availability as an inline embed so that the meeting scheduler appears directly within your website’s content. Meeting Directory: Showcase multiple meeting types (e.g., your services) at once by displaying your popular meeting types as an inline embed. The embed appears directly within your website’s content. Slide-out: Add a floating button to your website and have it appear on multiple pages. Once a visitor clicks the button, the CalendarHero scheduler appears as a fixed slide-out.

CalendarHero helps you provide your clients with a professional and efficient scheduling experience. When clients self-book an appointment or meeting with you, they’ll select a time to meet from a scheduling page that displays your real-time availability. Once a time is chosen, CalendarHero automatically creates a calendar event with all the details (video conferencing links, instructions, etc.) and adds it to everyone’s calendars. For added support, CalendarHero also provides a link in the calendar event that your invitees can use if they need to reschedule or cancel. For group meetings, CalendarHero’s intelligent group algorithm kicks in. Instead of selecting a single time slot, your invitees are prompted to suggest multiple times. Next, CalendarHero finds the best time that works for everyone and books the meeting automatically. At the invitation stage, you’ll also be able to personalize the experience according to your business goals. Add invitee questions to pre-qualify leads before you meet. For service appointments, turn on payments so clients can book and pay at the same time. Ensure your brand is always front and center by adding your company logo or a personal icon to your scheduling page.

CalendarHero integrates with more than 60 leading work apps including ActiveCampaign, Google Workspace, and Microsoft365. Boost productivity and team collaboration by integrating powerful scheduling technology into the apps you use every day. View our integrations here:

Find helpful product guides and answers to more frequently asked questions here:

CalendarHero is for any business that relies on appointments or meetings to move business forward and generate revenue. CalendarHero’s Basic plan is best for individuals, those new to automated scheduling who want to test drive scheduling features before upgrading, or users with limited scheduling needs (e.g., fewer than five meetings per month). We recommend CalendarHero’s Team plan for businesses who want to embed CalendarHero on their websites with custom branding, use team availability sharing, enable payment collection, and expect to manage a high volume of meetings and appointments.

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