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The average American spends 32 hours on the Internet a month while they only stay 10-20 seconds on a single web page. At TriLeaf Designs we focus on creating a dynamic professional online presence that keeps viewers on your page while making sure you are found online.

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TriLeaf Designs is committed to providing only the best services to our customers. When it comes to our web design this means employing graphic designers to mock up the site, before sending it over to the web programmers to be coded. This way we can guarantee the best of both worlds, the creativity of our designers, and the analytical perfection of our web programmers. All of our sites are custom coded which makes it easier for web bots to read. This leads to greater optimization and translation to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets than the templates our competitors use. Every website we create belongs to the client and is easily transferred and changed as they grow. We also understand that budget can be an issue and work with our clients to baby step into a site as they grow. Saving them time, money and the pain of having to redo a website every few years as they grow. For sites we create, or maintain, there is no monthly maintenance fee. Just a per-update cost when your website needs to be updated. TriLeaf Designs offers several different options for coding websites depending on your preferences and needs including, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and Wordpress, to name a few. Whatever you need, we will find a solution that specially fits you.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

We meet to examine your current graphic design, website, and marketing practices. We will discuss the pros and cons of these practices, and what should and should not be changed. Then we will discuss the project you want to complete in detail, taking into account the overarching needs and goals of your company. A discovery meeting is essential to establish firm goals and design guidelines for your individual project. Giving clear direction doesn’t hinder our design process; instead it helps us save you both time and money. We consider your direction as a set of defined guidelines that lead us in the right direction.

Step 2: Initial Design

Once our visual direction is decided our graphic designers begin their initial designs. Depending on what we decided upon in our discovery meeting, and the set budget, we proceed to create multiple preliminary designs; in order to find one that best fits your company’s individual style. Before you even see these initial designs multiple designers have passed and reviewed them; including reviews by our Senior Designer, and our Founder.

Step 3: Revisions

During each round of the design process our designers will create several distinct options for you to choose from. These designs will be emailed to you, or a meeting can be scheduled to sit down and go over the designs in person depending on your schedule and personal preference. Through e-mail you can communicate with us your likes, dislikes, and any changes to the overall direction of the design. Once we have your critiques our designers will make the needed changes, and the process will be repeated. During the revision stage we will keep making changes until one idea is approved for further development.

Step 4: Development

Once final designs are approved we send a PDF of the approved piece to our web programmers to code. All websites are coded on a test server so that you can keep your current site up, until your new site is ready.

Step 5: Review

During the coding process you will be asked to review your site on the test server. Based on your critiques we will make any necessary changes. If you need a website immediately TriLeaf Designs offers a unique step-by-step publishing plan; a flow of pages to that go live as they are coded. If on a tight budget we lay out a plan for the site and finish pages as you can afford them.

Step 6: End Product

Once the test version has been approved TriLeaf Designs will make it live on the internet. We will also submit it to the major search engines.

Step 7: Updating

Websites often require continuous updating, altering, and optimizing. TriLeaf Designs offer ongoing support for all our work as well as work completed by other companies. For updating and changes we charge a per project rate that we quote before starting. This lets you update your brand on an as needed basis no matter how small the change might be.

What All This Means

The internet has become one of a company’s most important tools. It provides quick access to your company’s information and products; it also offers your customers the ability to instantly review your company. At TriLeaf Designs we understand that your website needs to reflect your company’s professional attitudes and service. From the initial discovery meetings to the creation of your corporate identity, from the preliminary designs to the final finished product, we make it our mission to take everything you want into consideration. We will develop a website that will impress your customers, both returning and new. We are not just a design firm; we are part of your team, a member of your organization, a partner who cares about the bottom line as much as you do.

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