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Graphic Design

What is the first thing your customers notice about your company? It is not the services you offer, or how many great testimonials you have. The first thing your customers notice will be the design of your logo, advertisements, and website. Good visual identity is integral to the continued success of your company. Whether you need an amazing creative design or just an idea on where to go next, we got you covered.

waterproof solutions rackcard designed by trileaf designs website designed by trileaf designs Uptown Magazine July-Aug Spread designed by trileaf designs OTA Event Flyer and Poster designed by trileaf designs Company Idenity designed by trileaf designs designed by trileaf designs Auto Action Logo designed by trileaf designs designed by trileaf designs


At TriLeaf Designs we care about the success of your company. We understand that you know your clients and business better than we do. Before we start we take the time to discuss your company and your clients. Then we work with you to achieve your goals. Our multi-step process ensures your close involvement in the design process every step of the way creating a striking design that will guarantee new business and brand loyalty. More important, our experienced graphic designers create a product that reflects both you and your unique business direction. We are more then just-another-design-firm. We are part of your team, a member of your organization, and a partner who cares about the bottom line as much as you do.

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

We meet to examine your current graphic design, website, and marketing practices. We will discuss the pros and cons of these practices, and what should and should not be changed. Then we will discuss the project you want to complete in detail, taking into account the overarching needs and goals of your company. A discovery meeting is essential to establish firm goals and design guidelines for your individual project. Giving clear direction doesn't hinder our design process; instead it helps us save you both time and money. We consider your instruction as a set of defined guidelines that guide us in the right direction.

Step 2: Initial Design

Once our visual direction is decided our graphic designers begin their initial designs. Depending on what we decided upon in our discovery meeting, and the set budget, we proceed to create multiple preliminary designs; in order to find one that best fits your company's individual style. Before you even see these initial designs multiple designers have passed and reviewed them; including reviews by our senior designer, and our founder.

Step 3: Revisions

During each round of the design process our designers will create several distinct options for you to choose from. These designs will be emailed to you, or a meeting can be scheduled to sit down and go over the designs in person depending on your schedule and personal preference. Through e-mail you can communicate with us your likes, dislikes, and any changes to the overall direction of the design. Once we have your critiques our designers will make the needed changes, and the process will be repeated. During the revision stage we will keep making changes until one idea is approved for further development.

Step 4: Final Approval

Once you believe we have landed on a final design, we email said design to you for final approval. This is to make absolutely certain that the end product is everything you want it to be. If revisions need to be made we will make the revisions and send you the design again for your final approval. We will then discuss the printing process for the completed piece, if you have are going to contract the printing or if we are going handle the printing process.

Step 5: End Product

If TriLeaf Designs has been contracted to oversee the printing process, we will discuss delivery of your product. Final designs will be delivered in a PDF format for use, and printing. Logos will receive extra file types, and a style sheet. (Please see the Logos page for more information.)

Step 6: Updating

Media often require continuous updating, altering, and optimizing. TriLeaf Designs offers ongoing support for all of our work as well as work completed by other companies. For updating and changes we charge a per project rate that we quote before starting. This lets you update your brand on an as-needed basis no matter how small the change might be.

What All This Means

One of the greatest challenges in any business is communicating with your customers. Potential clients are so inundated with messages that an advertising campaign has to be head and shoulders above the rest to even get their attention. At TriLeaf Designs we understand this; you need a creative campaign that lifts you above the crowd. We can help you reach your customers, expand your brand, and encourage greater interactivity between your brand and the public. From the initial discovery meetings to the creation of your corporate identity, from the preliminary designs to the final finished product, we make it our mission to take everything you want into consideration. We will develop a brand that is not only creative and cutting-edge, but is also backed by your industry-specific knowledge and our marketing know-how. We are not just a design firm; we are part of your team, a member of your organization, a partner who cares about the bottom line as much as you do.

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